Het jaar van Kjell

‘Het jaar van Kjell’ is a Dutch book for students who are beginning to learn the Dutch language. The words used to tell this story are high frequency words and belong to the basic vocabulary corpus.

Kjell is from Norway and he has come to work in Eindhoven for a year. Because his wife and daughter are still in Norway, he is here alone. Everything is new for Kjell – his work, his house and Holland.

Fortunately, his sister Lena soon comes to visit. Also, he finds new friends and an exciting hobby and at the end of the year, a big surprise!

‘Het jaar van Kjell’ was written by Annemie Briggen-Keeris and self-published. You can order a copy (including the audio tracks) through this website. Just use our contact form to send us an email with your details.

ISBN: 9 789402 117479 Pages: 42
Price: € 11,92

Listen to the first chapter of my book "Het Jaar van Kjell"

by Annemie Briggen-Keeris | Het jaar van Kjell